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I’m sitting here in the low-rent district of Dulles (Terminal A). The flight’s supposed to get to the destination at about midnight; however, we’re running about an hour and a half late. Bummer.

She was in her late 20’s, smoking hot, and completely aware of it. She was wearing a green knit hoodie, and snacking on a bag of snack mix she’d stuck in her purse for such an occasion. Even dressed down for a travel day, she was impossible not to notice.

Her boyfriend was a year younger than her. He’d attended a reasonably respected school; not Ivy League, but that was more a factor of his not wanting to risk rejection than a lack of qualification.

Kickoff of new stuff


I’m Bill Jankowski, of Mystic, CT.

This page has been going through a little bit of an evolution. Many moons ago, I tried to use it as a book club for some of my fraternity brothers. That didn’t quite work.

Then, I tried to switch from OS X to Ubuntu Linux, documenting the process here. Decided that it wasn’t going to happen on a PowerPC chip, and if I were buying a MacBook, I wasn’t going to spend that cash on OS X 10.4 Tiger without at least putting it through its paces.

So, now I’m doing what I’ve been wanting to for a while – writing. The genesis of this effort was the National Novel Writing Month, an excuse for tilting at windmills if I’ve ever seen one.

So, stick around. Pull up a chair. Let’s see if this thing has legs.

Project Idea: Podcast Plays

So, one of the random ideas I’ve been kicking around was doing podcast presentations of plays that have passed into the public domain. Say, release an audio verison of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” in installments during the month of June, etc…

To heck with it

Y’know – were I on an x86 box, this Linux thing might work.

But, I’m not.

So to heck with it – back to OS X.

Incremental Steps

I’m almost completely up and running.

Flash is still a thorn in my side.

But, I’ve got Banshee working like a champ. The kicker there was moving my music archives over to a NAS drive, and then mapping the share to a directory in my home folder. this article from the Community Ubuntu documentation worked like a champ

Fighting the good fight

So, I’m this close to being ready to make the plunge. Couple of notes:

– I settled on BlogTK as a weblog editor. Not completely intuitive, but not awful. I tried working with Drivel, which is exceptionally well named, but had issues. They may have been with where I was pointing in the blogs, so I may go back, but BlogTK is up and running.
Easy Ubuntu rocks. Were I a lawyer, I’d figure out how to get them permission to include this in the base distro.
– My biggest gripe at the moment is that there is no real FLASH alternative for PowerPC (PPC) based systems. I have tried mightily to compile the GNASH project, but keep running into a situation where it requires a version of a library prior to the one included with the Dapper release.

Tomorrow is the big day. Am still evaluating RSS readers, but Newsgator works in Firefox, no problem


So, most things seem to be falling into place –

I got DVD playback working, which turns out to be no small feat on a PPC running Ubuntu. Will post details on that, but other than having to try a couple of different players, it was pretty much straight out of Ubuntu Hacks

Tomorrow, I move my OS X 10.3.9 mailboxes over to Thunderbird. Then it’s just a matter of dropping that onto the server, and importing it to the Linux partition. Although, it might be worthwhile to look at using the Thunderbird-on-a-stick method.

Then, for the weekend, I will try to compile Flock for PPC – this would solve my RSS reader problems.

T minus 7 days.

Hey, here goes!

So, big idea for August is going to be Linux.

Specifically, Ubuntu. While I’m scraping up pennies to get me one of them spiffy new MacBooks to take care of all of my computing needs, I’m going to switch over to Ubuntu on my venerable iBook to see if I can make it without OS X.

I’m actually guessing that I won’t, for two reasons:
1. No Flash support for Linux on PPC chips
2. iPod integration – I’m becoming completely addicted to my Nike+iPod kit, and I haven’t seen a slick way to integrate my Nano and podcast addiction via Dapper Drake.

Any tips?


So, here’s the deal.

A while back, 43 folders or Chris Brogan had a bit that struck my interest. I forget which one it was. I suppose I could Google it, but that’d kind of kill the vibe.

Stripped down to its essence, the idea was to set aside 10 minutes for unstructured thought each day. 10 minutes of creativity. They suggested pen and paper (which is why I kind of lean to 43 folders as the genesis), but come on, Man – this is 2006! Pen and paper, even a fountain pen and a Moleskine is so 2005!

So, that’s where I’m going with this. 10 minutes a day.

Forced Creativity.

Use it or lose it, I guess.

But hey – don’t cost nothin’. Enjoy.

Hello world!

Howdy Folks. Nice to be here.

Thanks to WordPress. This is My first post.