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Fighting the good fight

So, I’m this close to being ready to make the plunge. Couple of notes:

– I settled on BlogTK as a weblog editor. Not completely intuitive, but not awful. I tried working with Drivel, which is exceptionally well named, but had issues. They may have been with where I was pointing in the blogs, so I may go back, but BlogTK is up and running.
Easy Ubuntu rocks. Were I a lawyer, I’d figure out how to get them permission to include this in the base distro.
– My biggest gripe at the moment is that there is no real FLASH alternative for PowerPC (PPC) based systems. I have tried mightily to compile the GNASH project, but keep running into a situation where it requires a version of a library prior to the one included with the Dapper release.

Tomorrow is the big day. Am still evaluating RSS readers, but Newsgator works in Firefox, no problem

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