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Monthly Archives: October 2006


I’m sitting here in the low-rent district of Dulles (Terminal A). The flight’s supposed to get to the destination at about midnight; however, we’re running about an hour and a half late. Bummer. She was in her late 20’s, smoking hot, and completely aware of it. She was wearing a green knit hoodie, and snacking […]

Kickoff of new stuff

Howdy! I’m Bill Jankowski, of Mystic, CT. This page has been going through a little bit of an evolution. Many moons ago, I tried to use it as a book club for some of my fraternity brothers. That didn’t quite work. Then, I tried to switch from OS X to Ubuntu Linux, documenting the process […]

Project Idea: Podcast Plays

So, one of the random ideas I’ve been kicking around was doing podcast presentations of plays that have passed into the public domain. Say, release an audio verison of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” in installments during the month of June, etc…