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The wind hit the windows hard, rattling them with a fury borne of a thousand miles of fetch across the cold waters of the North Atlantic. Cold, grey waves crashed into the rocks below the hut, trying to tear the cliff down before it was razed by glaciers at the beginning of the next ice […]

25 sep 2007

On the cheap plastic wall clock, the big hand was pointing to 12, and the little hand was pointing to 6. Once again, five o’clock had come and gone, and I was still sitting at my desk working up numbers for yet another data call. A quick prairie-dog over the top of the cubicle showed […]

Cat in a box

So, I’ve been flying a bunch again lately, and at times I’m struck with the state of suspension that is a plane in the air. Yeah, statistics and all show that we’re safer flying than driving, blah, blah, blah. But I came across footage of a DC-10 crash back in the 80s. The plane had […]


I’m sitting here in the low-rent district of Dulles (Terminal A). The flight’s supposed to get to the destination at about midnight; however, we’re running about an hour and a half late. Bummer. She was in her late 20’s, smoking hot, and completely aware of it. She was wearing a green knit hoodie, and snacking […]